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We are among the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria. We use cut-edge technology to carry out our operations. Our data delivery, airtime purchase and wallet funding are done automatically.

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This is a telecommunication industry playing a major role in distribution, selling affordable and most cheapest data, airtime, Dstv subscription, Gotv subscription, Startimes subscription, Convert Airtime to Cash and Electricity subscription..

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Here at Alwajuddata our services are completely Fast, Secure & Automated. We provide 24/7hrs Support to our registered users. CONTACT US NOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION.


Some of our Exclusive Services includes:

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Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our top concern and priority. Our customer service is just a click away, feel free to engage us on whatsapp or via phone call.

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Available Plans

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40.0MB ₦50 1 day
100.0MB ₦96 1 day
500.0MB ₦113 30days
500.0MB ₦130 30days
1.0GB ₦215 30days
1.0GB ₦240 30days
1.0GB ₦288 1day
750.0MB ₦288 3 days
2.0GB ₦430 30days
2.0GB ₦480 30days
2.5GB ₦480 2days
1.0GB ₦480 7days
3.0GB ₦645 30days
3.0GB ₦720 30days
2.0GB ₦960 7days
1.5GB ₦960 30days
5.0GB ₦1075 30days
2.0GB ₦1152 30days
5.0GB ₦1200 30days
6.0GB ₦1440 7days
3.0GB ₦1440 30days
4.5GB ₦1920 30days
10.0GB ₦2150 30days
6.0GB ₦2400 30days
10.0GB ₦2500 30days
10.0GB ₦2880 30days
12.0GB ₦3360 30days
20.0GB ₦4800 30days
20.0GB ₦4800 30days
25.0GB ₦5760 30days
40.0GB ₦9600 30days
40.0GB ₦9600 30days
75.0GB ₦14400 30days
120.0GB ₦19200 30days
200.0GB ₦28800 30days
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1.8GB ₦425 14days 800mbday +1gbnite=1.8gb
3.9GB ₦840 30days 1.9gbday + 2gbnite=3.9g
7.5GB ₦1260 30days 3.5gbday + 4gbnite=7.5g
7.0GB ₦1260 7days
9.2GB ₦1680 30days 5.2gbday + 4gbnite=9.2g
10.8GB ₦2100 30days 6.8gday +4gbnite=10.8g
14.0GB ₦2520 30days 10gday +4gbnite=14gb
18.0GB ₦3360 30days 14gday +4gbnite=18gb
24.0GB ₦4200 30days 20gday +4gbnite=24gb
29.0GB ₦6720 30days 27gday +2gbnite=29gb
50.0GB ₦8400 30days
93.0GB ₦12600 30days
119.0GB ₦15480 30days
138.0GB ₦16800 30days
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100.0MB ₦50 7days
500.0MB ₦130 30 days
300.0MB ₦135 7days
1.0GB ₦220 30 days
2.0GB ₦440 30 days
750.0MB ₦460 14days
5.0GB ₦1100 30 Days
2.0GB ₦1104 30days
3.0GB ₦1380 30days
6.0GB ₦1380 7days
4.5GB ₦1840 30days
10.0GB ₦2200 30 Days
6.0GB ₦2300 30days
10.0GB ₦2760 30days
15.0GB ₦3300 30 days
11.0GB ₦3680 30days
20.0GB ₦4400 30 days
20.0GB ₦4600 30days
40.0GB ₦9200 30days
75.0GB ₦13800 30days
120.0GB ₦18400 30days
1.5GB ₦1200000 30days
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500.0MB ₦435 30days
1.5GB ₦890 30days
2.0GB ₦1068 30days
3.0GB ₦1335 30days
7.0GB ₦1335 7days
4.5GB ₦1780 30days
11.0GB ₦3560 30days
15.0GB ₦4450 30days
40.0GB ₦8900 30days
75.0GB ₦13050 30days
365.0GB ₦100000 30 days
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We're a technology platform that offers solutions to digital needs at best possible price without compromising quality.

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Here at Alwajuddata our services are completely Fast, Secure & Automated. We provide 24/7hrs Support to our registered users.

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In assurance to give you the best treat, all our services and transactions are running on an automated system. Without any delay in delivery.

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Certain things are hard; making payments shouldn't be one of them. Alwajuddata helps you make payments for services you enjoy right from the comfort of your home or office.

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Our customer service is just a click away, don't hesitate to consult us on anything as the system is 90% automated. Thus, all transactions are attended to within 5-15mins.

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Alwajuddata is best platform when its come to affordable data plan. i recommend this platform it's fast, automated and secured.

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I love the quick response to issues. We might just get along well. So far so good. There's no star here but I give ❤❤.

Bakare Praise Entreprenuer

I used to pay a lot of money for data subscriptions but since i met Alwajuddata the story changed for good.

GANIYU MUSA Ladan Digital Academy

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